Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Im`ma back :)

Woohooo --` . imma back to update this blogger for the long time not have a story rigth ? Hihiiiiiiiiii :) kinda bored this holiday --` have you go any whhere with ur family ? or friends ? good then :) i ? Nope . i can`t go anywhere . hm . i wanna go to cinema with Azmalia aka Niaeya . Hoho and Jeen Lenn aka Eyra Adriana . but ? my parent like grr =,=  feell like Shit this holidays because this matter . We`re has plan lot of thing to do after watch cinema . it`s just planned . not reality . Hihohiho . i`m too bored now . i don`t know what more story to update . let me think for a minute . Ohh okay . i`m was fighting with my oldest brotha at fb . just see my wall if you wanna know it :) okay ? hm . no more story have it now . i mind too blank already . later i`ll update more about :) i wanna go wacthing Nora Elena . ok bai :)

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